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Putting your house in the best possible light

Getting your house ready to sell


  • Paint exterior if needed
  • Repair roof leaks
  • Make sure windows and doors open and close smoothly
  • Tidy up the outside, pay special attention to your garage
  • Repair eavestroughs, downspouts and soffits
  • Clean windows
  • Plant mature annuals
  • Cut lawn, weed garden
  • Shovel and salt walkways and driveway
  • Buy a new door mat
  • Repair doorbell and door handle
  • Make sure your house number is easy to read


  • Clean floors, vacuum, and empty garbage
  • Tidy and clean out closets and cupboards
  • Close closets and cupboards
  • Remove clutter, knickknacks and family photos
  • Clear counter tops
  • Remove extra furniture and clear up storage areas
  • Clean appliances
  • Touch up paint and plaster
  • Fix leaky taps, toilet, etc.
  • Replace burned out light bulbs
  • Turn on all lights
  • Open curtains and blinds
  • Clean windows
  • Turn on heat/air conditioner
  • Oil squeaky hinges
  • Polish mirrors and taps
  • Tub and basin seals in good repair
  • Lock up or put out of reach -- jewellery and valuables like art, vases, etc.
  • Keep your pets out of sight where possible

We realize that you are probably in the information gathering stage of your process and we want to provide assistance to you any way we can. If you would like to talk to us in person, feel free to call us at our main line at 613-238-2801.

When you are ready to invest in the Ottawa Real Estate market let us help you. After all, we are the experts in Ottawa real estate.

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